Monday, January 8, 2007

List of Awards Received by Professor Muhammad Yunus

Awards :
1. BANGLADESH : President's Award : 1978

Originator of the concept of Three-share Farming (Tebhaga Khamar) as a joint farming operation. Organised Nabajug Tebhaga Khamar in Jobra, Chittagong in 1975, around a deep tubewell which was lying unused because of management problems. Government of Bangladesh adopted the concept and introduced it in the country under the name of "Packaged Input Programme" (PIP) in 1977. Nabajug Tebhaga Khamar was awarded President's Award in 1978 for introducing an innovative organisation in agriculture.

2. PHILIPPINES : Ramon Magsaysay Award : 1984

Awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award in the Field of "Community Leadership" in 1984 for "Enabling the neediest rural men and women to make themselves productive with sound group-managed credit."

3. BANGLADESH : Central Bank Award : 1985

Awarded the Bangladesh Bank Award - 1985 in recognition of the contribution in devising a new banking mechanism to extend credit to the rural landless population, thereby creating self-employment and socio-economic development for them.

4. BANGLADESH : Independence Day award : 1987

Awarded the Independence Day Award, 1987, by the President for the outstanding contribution in rural development. This is the highest civilian national award of Bangladesh.

5. SWITZERLAND : Aga Khan Award For Architecture : 1989

Awarded Aga Khan Award For Architecture, 1989 by Geneva-based Aga Khan Foundation for designing and operating Grameen Bank Housing Programme for the poor, which helped poor members of Grameen Bank to construct 60,000 housing units by 1989, each costing on an average $ 300.

6. U.S.A. : Humanitarian Award : 1993

Awarded 1993 Humanitarian Award by the CARE, U.S.A. in recognition of role in providing a uniquely pragmatic and effective method of empowering poor women and men to embark on income generating activities.

7. SRI LANKA : Mohamed Sahabdeen Award for Science (Socio-Economic) : 1993

Awarded Mohamed Sahabdeen Award for Science (Socio Economic) in 1993.

8. BANGLADESH : Rear Admiral M. A. Khan Memorial Gold-Medal Award : 1993

Awarded Rear Admiral Mahbub Ali Khan Memorial Gold-Medal Award in 1993.

9. U.S.A. : World Food Prize : 1994

Awarded 1994 World Food Prize by World Food Prize Foundation, U.S.A. in recognition of the lifetime achievements of an economist who created a bank loan system that has given millions of people access to adequate food and nutrition for the first time in their lives.

10. U.S.A. : Pfeffer Peace Prize : 1994

Awarded 1994 Pfeffer Peace Prize by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, U.S.A. for his vision of non‑collateral lending through the Grameen Bank and the courage of persevere in the concept that credit is a human right.

11. BANGLADESH : Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Memorial Gold‑Medal Award : 1994

Awarded Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Memorial Gold-Medal Award in 1994.

12. SWITZERLAND : Max Schmidheiny Foundation Freedom Prize : 1995

Awarded Max Schmidheiny Foundation Freedom Prize in 1995.

13. BANGLADESH : RCMD Award : 1995

Awarded Rotary Club of Metropolitan Dhaka Foundation Award in 1995.


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